Design for Thought

January 10, 2017

Dining out is an old time social tradition that has been evolving for centuries. What started out as enjoying a meal with family and friends in a space designed to make you feel at home, now has the ability to transport you to familiar cities or exotic locations. The menu may bring new customers to the restaurant, but the aesthetics and design is what brings them back. The business has transformed throughout the years to accompany the needs of the consumer. 

A Guide to American Houses

December 16, 2016
Designhaus Work

So you’re planning on buying or building a residential home. It’s a big step and a decision that requires a lot of thinking and research. To some, it’s hard to distinguish the different types of architectural styles. While they may all look just like an ordinary house, there’s actually a significant difference in the types of houses you may be looking at. Architectural style is sometimes hard to distingish, and at other times very easy. The following is a road map to the vast landscape of residential home styles and what might be best for you and your family. 

To Store or Not to Store

October 26, 2016

Self-storage facilities offer a decent amount of benefits when you are looking at ways to save space in your home or property.  It ultimately can come down to the cost when deciding if you want to consider owning a self-storage. If you’re on the border about choosing whether to invest in a self-storage unit or not, take a look at some of the reasons below of why to own one that may make your decision easier to make.


The Future of Sports Architecture

October 17, 2016

When you think of architecture, the first thing that comes to mind for most people is the enormous skyscrapers they see downtown on their way to work.  The huge buildings with windows glaring in your eyes scream great architecture at you. Some may think of luxurious homes that feature some great architectural features. However, have you ever stopped to think how far and how advanced that sports stadiums have now become? Architecture has dived deep into the world of sports, presenting cities with jaw opening stadium designs with state of the art technologies.

Summer Look

June 29, 2016

With summer here, it's always good to make sure to keep your patio updated with seasonal touches. You don't want to be the one house on the street that's behind on the new trends. Updating your home will give you that new look sensation that'll have your neighbors lookin in awe at your property. Here are some ways of going about to give your backyard and patio that summer look.


Dash of Color

Would You Live in a Container Home?

March 30, 2016

It’s hard to believe how far the developments in family homes have come. While many may think that having the bigger and better home designs is the best way to go, that simply can’t be said today. The shipping container started out as a small side idea, but now has taken the housing community by storm. It’s a unique and unlikely way of living, but it’s proven to have a lot of benefits. 


March 29, 2016

Whenever one visits Michigan, they can expect to find many beautiful and significant trademarks that make the mitten state so great. With various cities and hot spots to explore, it’s really hard to easily get bored. One particular idea that interests many people is food. We all love to eat at a restaurant that offers not only the best food around, but also an eatery that is unique in its own kind of way.

The Landing

March 24, 2016

To the dismay of Northern Michigan recreationalists, Lake Charlevoix’s, ”The Landing” dockside restaurant was slated for demolition and replacement by an RV park a few years ago.  The loss would have been devastating to the boating culture, as very few opportunities for dockside family fun and nightlife exist.

Michigan IPA Challenge

March 22, 2016

As the architects for an increasing number of breweries, tap houses and restaurants in and around Michigan, Designhaus believes it’s important to know you’re trade from top to bottom. So as an office we have decided to periodically and responsibly become familiar with the great beers of Michigan and vote for our favorites, category by category. So this past Friday after work we gathered in our interiors showcase room and selected four IPAs made in Michigan and took a vote. Here are the beers that were selected as part of our Michigan IPA challenge.


March 18, 2016

With the "Tiny House" and "Shipping Container House" trends on the rise, it's a strange evolution that living in a big, open barn is also a trending concept known as the "Barndominium". It's not only fun to say, but converting an old barn into a fun living/dining space brings a whole new aspect of life to the suburbs and rural areas.

                                                                        Barndominium Designhaus