March 4, 2016

Spring is here.  It’s time to start dreaming about how to enjoy the outdoors again. Turns out, at least according to the home building industry insiders that I know, enjoying the outdoors is now top priority in custom home designs. Specifically, a room that is both indoor and outdoor. I’m not talking about the traditional porch or back deck; I mean a real multi-function space that has the best of both worlds.  

 Here are the top five design items to incorporate when planning your "outdoor room":

Four Hours North: Designhaus' on the Lake

March 2, 2016





The Roberts Residence 



Morasco Residence



Qualifications Based Standards, an Open Letter to the AIA

December 2, 2014

Gov Committee,

Don't take this as confrontational or critical...these are thoughts from an owner of a 15 person private sector firm out in the trenches...

Design vs. Undesign

April 14, 2014
Rochester Residence by Designhaus

Design is not a straight path.  In fact, the richness of a tapestry depends on a complex and unique set of threads.  Great design happens when a talented person can, from the jumbled spools, recognize and compose every thread in perfect harmony, excluding none. The emotions, conflicts and purpose of the designer flow into the hearts of those who touch the tapestry without a spoken word.

11 fast and easy ways to make your building more attractive

January 30, 2014

1. Simplify the landscape

Limb up, cut down, and remove. Just because its green doesn’t mean it helps.  Clean, straight forward and low maintenance looks organized and easy to approach.