October 26, 2016 | Architecture Community

Self-storage facilities offer a decent amount of benefits when you are looking at ways to save space in your home or property.  It ultimately can come down to the cost when deciding if you want to consider owning a self-storage. If you’re on the border about choosing whether to invest in a self-storage unit or not, take a look at some of the reasons below of why to own one that may make your decision easier to make.


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Seasonal Items

Many homes easily get cluttered from the amount of purchases we make. A good way to unclutter your home is to separate the seasonal items and put the items not being used away for storage. It may not seem like much, but if you’re living in a small apartment or house, renting out a unit for this purpose helps you out more than you think. Consider all your winter clothes right now, as their just hanging in your closet taking up space. Or that snow blower that is just sitting there, collecting dust. Christmas trees take up a lot of space as well. With a storage unit, these seasonal items can be stored there which will offer your living space that space it needs. This can even be done for your summer seasonal items.

Valuable Items

Your most prized possession is something that is dear to your heart. Having it stolen or broken would be the worst thing imaginable. Of course, you can keep it in a safe place at home. But there are still some scenarios in which your valuable possession could still end up getting damaged, such as a fire or flood. So to keep it safe and keep it in mint condition, a storage unit will do just that. No need to worry about it being stolen or a fire starting, as most storage unit facilities are gated and have cameras. Not to mention your unit will be locked with only you having access. 


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Inventory for Business

If you run a small business or just starting out, we’re guessing your office space isn’t too big. It’s hard to store all the past documents, files, and hard copy of data into the office as your company keeps growing. That being said, it’ll take a couple of years, maybe more, to get into a new space. And if you’re growing, more employees will start to fill the room. It would be efficient and effective to have a storage unit to store all these office supplies and important documents. And if you are not ready to move into a new, larger building (that will most likely have a higher rent), having a storage unit will buy you some time to save up for the future.

 Campers and Boats        

In relation to seasonal items being stored, RV campers and boats can be put away for storage. There are Self-Storage spaces that specifically hold large vehicles. This is definitely a big must for anyone who has such a vehicle in their driveway since it is a costly investment. Putting them away saves up space for your driveway and it’s certain to be kept safe from thefts or from those who like to key cars.


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Emotional Attachment

Sentimental value is the stuff that keeps us all holding onto things that we don’t necessarily need but want to keep. That toy from our childhood or a special project from school. If you’re keeping things that have some sort value to you, place these items in a storage unit. It feels great that you’re able to keep these things for so long, but eventually you will run out of room in your house. We’re guessing that you’re not necessarily using this item every day, since it’s just for memories. So why not keep it for storage and just pull it out on the days you decide to walk down memory lane.  In storage, you would have nothing to worry about.

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Peace of Mind

 Ever hear the phrase, “a cluttered room is a cluttered mind”? Well it’s true. Working in a room that’s way too crowded distracts your mind from being able to concentrate on things that need to get done. Your mind will constantly be focusing on different tasks that are surrounded in the room. By putting away all the unnecessary work and belongings, you’ll have a peace of mind; you’ll feel free of clutter and feel better knowing how organized and clean your room is. Give yourself that peace of mind you deserve.



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 After reading about self-storages, you may end up finding one on every street that you hadn’t noticed before. Owning a storage unit is a lot more popular than you thought, as it’s very convenient and overall safe. It provides the much added space that you’ve needed for all your belongings. The only question that's left to ask...to store, or not to store? Hopefully these reasons give you a positive outlook on owning a storage unit!