September 8, 2014 | Interior Design

Switching a paint color is commonly suggested as a quick way to breath new life into a space. 

Rather than browsing through paint chips at your local hardware store for hours, consider these alternatives:

Think texture, not just color.


Wall Tiles

Not just for your kitchen or bathroom.

Wall tiles, or rather any tile can be an interesting way to bring texture and color into a space. Use in a small application to serve as an art piece or apply to the whole wall for a more dramatic effect.


Wall Panels

You can put these anywhere for an instant update. The depth of the panels texture will create different shadows, instantly updating your boring living room wall, the base of your kitchen island, toy room, or basement. 



Wallpaper is cool again. With literally thousands of options you really cannot go wrong. Consider using on an accent wall or in the spaces of a built in bookshelf. And If you feel inclined to customize the appearance yourself, “tear off” wallpaper exists.