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As the architects for an increasing number of breweries, tap houses and restaurants in and around Michigan, Designhaus believes it’s important to know you’re trade from top to bottom. So as an office we have decided to periodically and responsibly become familiar with the great beers of Michigan and vote for our favorites, category by category. So this past Friday after work we gathered in our interiors showcase room and selected four IPAs made in Michigan and took a vote. Here are the beers that were selected as part of our Michigan IPA challenge.

With our diverse workplace, it was interesting to see what choice would be made. Our newly designed interiors showcase room was perfect for the challenge, as we were able to taste test while watching our Michigan State Spartans play. Our employees decided to make a bracket this year, with most of us having MSU going all the way (boy were we wrong).

With the table set and drinks ready, everyone was ready to indulge in the taste test. We didn’t let our participants know what beer they were tasting until after the results were in. Even though all the beers in this challenge were great, we had ultimately come down to the winner, which was…

Norm’s Raggedy-Ass IPA and Founders Centennial IPA! The office was split between the two. I personally thought that the two beers were on different taste spectrums. But that’s just my opinion. Find out more about Michigan beer by visiting one of the many Designhaus designed restaurants and bars…cause what could be better than some food, beer, and watching our brackets being busted.


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